After waiting three weeks for Telekom DE, to establish a DSL connection, we have now been told that it should be available in January 2015. Or there about.

If we were living in a remote location,  I would still be surprised and dismayed. But we live less that a kilometre from a village, and seven kilometres from a large town. The best part is, they really don’t give a shit, and each time I call them I get a completely different story.

If I were in Bangladesh, I might not feel so bad. But in technologically advanced Germany…

Anyway, it means that I will effectively be offline for the next six months. This has prevented me from publishing ‘Heather’, as I had planned to do at the end of this month. The book is ready to go, but without the ability to promote, it is pointless. Another six months on top of all of the other delays. Disappointing to say the least.

Looking at the rather slim upside, this period will give me more time to advance with Carlotta, the prequel to Heather.

Happy writing and surfing…

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