ZZZ … ZZZ … ZZZ … nap away

That’s a sound you’ll all be familiar with, that sound of contented nap.

This final post in the April A to Z Challenge is dedicated to all you a-to-zers out there who have made it through April reasonably intact and are now in need of nap.

Whether you’re a practised napist, or a struggling beginner, this little book will help you develop your technique and get the most out of your nap time.

Napism.info is a fun read, and the author clearly did some solid, in depth research. It introduces you to the culture of napping, napists, and Nap Fu. It is packed with historical and cultural napping information, referencing eminent figures such as Napfucious, and includes some great advice from his holiness, the Dalai Napa.

A great read for those who are looking for an introduction to napping, or those wanting to hone their existing napping skills and methodology.

zzz nap in progress

The official Napist flag



I hope you all enjoyed your blogging this April. Thanks to all of you who stopped by this blog, and I look forward to see you again soon.

As always, I’ll leave you with a short music clip.


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