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Papeete, Tahiti

A Brief Stay in Papeete There seems to be some negativity about Papeete within the cruising community, but I loved it. The town quay was almost empty, and by the second day Next Chapter had a pontoon all to herself. It was both novel and convenient to be alongside so close to the centre of […]

Rolling down the trades, south of Nuku-Hiva…

tahiti lies somewhere over there

As Nuku Hiva fades from view, the conditions are much as they were three weeks earlier when I limped in at the end of the passage from Panama. The sea is confused with an aggressive swell from the southeast, which punches the hull and rolls the eight-knot tailwind out of the sails every few seconds. […]

Pacific Crossing

Tomorrow I leave mainland Panama and start the long trade-wind passage to the Marquesas, some 3500 nautical miles to the west. I changed head-sails today after reflecting on the passage from St Martin to Colombia. The sailing angle and wind strength were much the same as I will find on this next leg, that is, a […]