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Another day in Paradise


In the silent stillness of dawn, I motored out of Bora Bora lagoon headed for Raiatea. The perfect reflections of the few other yachts shimmered in Next Chapter’s passing wake, then stilled once more on the glass like surface. I let the engine run slowly, reluctant to make noise. Slight pangs of regret pricked as […]


Papeete, Tahiti

A Brief Stay in Papeete There seems to be some negativity about Papeete within the cruising community, but I loved it. The town quay was almost empty, and by the second day Next Chapter had a pontoon all to herself. It was both novel and convenient to be alongside so close to the centre of […]

Toward Tahiti

Tahiti conjures up many romantic thoughts, and has been a destination for sailors since the days of Captain Bligh. As I mentioned in the last post, the sea was bashing Next Chapter around as I sailed away from Nuku Hiva, and into short confused seas coming up from the south. I had expected it to be […]

Rolling down the trades, south of Nuku-Hiva…

tahiti lies somewhere over there

As Nuku Hiva fades from view, the conditions are much as they were three weeks earlier when I limped in at the end of the passage from Panama. The sea is confused with an aggressive swell from the southeast, which punches the hull and rolls the eight-knot tailwind out of the sails every few seconds. […]

Pacific Crossing

Tomorrow I leave mainland Panama and start the long trade-wind passage to the Marquesas, some 3500 nautical miles to the west. I changed head-sails today after reflecting on the passage from St Martin to Colombia. The sailing angle and wind strength were much the same as I will find on this next leg, that is, a […]