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"A hard-boiled, tough read – plenty to chew on like beef jerky. I’m getting a real Elmore Leonard vibe. Love this!"

"The dialogue is short, sharp and terse, with just the right amount of street talk to make Flank Street a compelling read for fans of hard-boiled crime fiction. Five stars." - Awesome Indies Reviews.

"Micky Dewitt has a Jason Statham feel about him. He's crooked as hell, but there's a side to him that's passionate about what he does. Whether this is good or bad, the reader decides. If you have seen Parker, The Expendables or The Bank Job, you will gulp this book in one sitting." - Amazon reviewer.

"A brilliant story of the Sydney underworld, a complex web of characters and an examination of what circumstance can do to a person. A fantastic read that will make you question what really drives you."

"From the intriguing prologue to the gripping final pages it's a story that's clever, captivating and at times heartbreaking."

"This is a great writer, his language is stark, precise and vivid."

"This engrossing story of the Sydney underworld is based in Kings Cross in the early nineties, home to prostitutes, gambling, drugs, and violence, run by a crime boss who is determined to hold onto his lucrative patch."

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