Shadow House A Great Crime Thriller Set in Sydney

She’s out to avenge her sister’s death - he’s on a path to self-destruction.

Heather Todd’s life had never been easy, but when her sister died as a result of over-cut cocaine, everything changed. Now she’s determined to take down Sydney’s notorious organized crime ring, vowing to ensure her sister didn’t die in vain.

Ex MI6 operative turned world sailor, Sam Autenburg is an ageing, idealistic dreamer who's been beaten down by life's hard knocks but retains his sense of honour and compassion. He's on a bender after his partner died, and when one night things go desperately wrong for Sam, Heather comes to his rescue.

Taunting and goading him, she eventually convinces him to take on her cause and infiltrate the organized crime syndicate responsible for her sister’s, and his partner’s, deaths. Going after the brutal gang will be no easy feat, and in order to stop them, Sam and Heather must put their own lives on the line.

Together in loss and driven by revenge, Sam and Heather hunt for justice, and in doing so, begin their own path to redemption.

Can they find the evidence they need without getting caught? Are they strong enough to take on this fight without losing themselves in the process?

Find out in this action-packed thriller, filled with daring adventure and high-risk operations!

From the intriguing prologue to the gripping final pages it's a story that's clever, captivating and at times heartbreaking. The narrative is exciting and suspenseful,

Goodreads Reviewer

I have just finished reading this novel and am still having moments when I think I am still sailing the Caribbean with Heather and Sam! Both these main characters are very well drawn, and invite you to share their declaration of war against the Sydney underworld.

Amazon Reviewer

The most colourful characters ever, it has everything, danger, intense suspense, romance, it keeps you turning the pages, and yearning for more. The best of all is the message to humans who want to change their lives around.

I like to see more of these inspiring stories from this very well written author.

Amazon reviewer