Raymond Chandler

Still Inspirational Seventy Years On Since the publication of Being Tommy Boronovski last May, my time and mental energy has been absorbed by multiple non-writing projects like finding a new home. Although I have two open manuscripts -- a sequel to Being Tommy Boronovski, and a speculative piece set in 2060 -- I found that after such a long break I was struggling to find inspiration and focus, moving from one to the other and making scant progress. One afternoon while sipping tea and staring…

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Season’s Greetings from A.J. Sendall

I wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a peaceful and prosperous new year. I also want to thank all of you for being with me throughout a turbulent 2017, and look forward to hearing from more of you in 2018. The world can often seem out of control and headed for a free-fall, but I have faith that good people will always prevail.This year saw the completion of The Sydney Quartet, which has already garnered some good reviews. It was…



Whistleblower - would you have what it takes? Whistleblower (whistle-blower or whistle blower)  a person who exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest or illegal activity occurring in an organization. The alleged misconduct may be classified in many ways; for example, a violation of a law, rule, regulation and/or a direct threat to public interest, such as fraud, health and safety violations, and corruption. Whistleblowers frequently face reprisal, sometimes at the hands of the organization or group which they have accused, sometimes from related organizations,…


Excerpts from The Sydney Quartet

Excerpts from two books of The Sydney Quartet It’s been a busy few weeks in many ways as I prepare for the publication of Flank Street, and start those spring jobs in the garden. I’ve also been working on the third book of the Sydney Quartet. Today I’m taking the easy path and pasting some excerpts here for you to enjoy, and comment on. Flank Street Excerpt We join Flank Street as Micky and Carol drive back to Sydney to collect a…


Review of White Jazz by James Ellroy

White Jazz by James Ellroy My rating: 4 of 5 stars Dwell in the fractured mind of a bent L.A cop. This book is not for the squeamish. It is laced with violence, gore, racism, and brilliance. The first person narrative/stream of consciousness left me exhausted, as Ellroy packs more into a paragraph than most authors do into a chapter. The fragmented sentences and hard-hitting style add to the already high level of tension, making this a real page turner. The ruthless…


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