Flank Street – The Sydney Quartet: Book Two

Flank Street was released today!


Flank Street

From the first word to the first sale has taken a bit over six months. It feels a lot longer, possibly because this was the first time in more than three decades I’d spent a winter in Europe; it seemed to go on forever. I missed the warmth of Australia and it’s people. However, those long cold months of being house-bound with a log fire and pots of tea, were good for the writing process.

I took a different approach to writing Flank Street than I did to writing Heather. I wrote the last page first, called it a prologue, and then worked out how the MC would get there. It was fun and the writing went fast.Like most writers, I find the writing to be the easiest and most enjoyable stage. The daily discoveries, the unexpected twists and turns. It sometimes feels as if I’m there watching, and recording what the characters say and do. When I reached the end of the first draft and the story was told, I missed spending time each day with Micky, Carol and the other criminals.

A woman with a compulsion for money and danger …
A man with a buried past and an uncertain future …
Can they con the Sydney underworld and get away with cold-blooded murder,
or will they both end up in a dumpster?
Trust no one, and don’t believe all you read.

Welcome to Kings Cross …

Flank Street is set in Australia, mainly in Sydney’s Kings Cross. It’s written in first person from the distorted reality of Micky DeWitt, a shiftless career criminal and world sailor. Micky arrives in Sydney by boat, broke and on the lookout for opportunity. After taking a job in a Kings Cross pub, he’s approached by a woman who needs something stolen. Nothing is what it seems, as Micky falls into a honey trap that spins his life out of control and pushes him to the edge of sanity.

Some characters from Shadow House make an appearance, including Mitchell, and the enigmatic Ray Peterson.

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You can read an excerpt by clicking here.

Read what happened when I invited Carol and Micky round to do a guest post.

If you have any questions about Flank Street, please leave a comment below. I love to hear from readers, and always respond.

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