Crime Thrillers Set in Sydney

This box set contains three crime thrillers from The Sydney Quartet.

Flank Street - Meet Me at Harry's - Shadow House

These three crime thrillers are all full-length, stand alone novels that can be read in any order. They share locations, and minor characters, yet each has its own diverse protagonists.

Novels in the Box Set

Flank Street

A woman with a lust for money and danger…
A man with a hunger for risk and adrenaline…
Can they con the Sydney underworld and get away with murder?
Or will they both end up dumped in a dark alley?

Career criminal Micky DeWitt washes up in Sydney with nothing more than a run down yacht and his wits. He’d no CV, and no skills other than those earned by any dedicated career criminal. His twisted inertia draws him to the only place where he can survive; Kings Cross, Sydney's red-light district.

He takes a job as barman, and after a while, he's approached by the sultry and seductive Carol. She needs something stolen from a lawyer's safe and sweet-talks Micky into helping her.

Nothing is what it seems as Micky falls into a honey trap that spins his life out of control and backs him into a corner. No matter which way he jumps, someone’s going to get hurt.

His decision leads him into a hedonistic free-fall that pushes him to the edge of insanity before finally finding a warped redemption.

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flank street\ meet me at harry's meet me at harry's meet me at harry's

"Sendall keeps the mystery and intrigue going throughout the book, with an amazing epilogue."

“Bloody bold, and brilliant!”

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“If you love thrillers, don’t miss this action-packed read!”

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Meet Me at Harry's

Diminutive, yet tough-talking ex-narco cop Stacia Black has found the key to escaping the violence and poverty ridden streets of Chicago.

Nick Miller runs a smoky bar in Sydney’s Kings Cross. He’s content with his life until Stacia appears and starts asking questions.
With his loyalties divided between his underworld acquaintances and his desire for something better, he steps off the edge.

Together, they enter a world of shadows and deceit, and put their lives on the line… gambling everything on a better future.

Can a dishonest American cop teach Nick to live again, or will she get him killed?
Can they stay out of jail, stay alive, and stay together?

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suspense novels suspense novels suspense novels suspense novels

Shadow House

Heather Todd’s life had never been easy, but when her sister died as a result of over-cut cocaine, everything changed. Now she’s determined to take down Sydney’s notorious organized crime ring, vowing to ensure her sister didn’t die in vain.
Ex MI6 operative turned world sailor, Sam Autenburg is on a bender after his partner died, also as a result of over-cut cocaine. When one night things go desperately wrong for Sam, Heather comes to his rescue.

Taunting and goading him, she eventually convinces him to take on her cause and infiltrate the organized crime syndicate responsible for her sister’s, and his partner’s, deaths. Going after the brutal gang will be no easy feat, and in order to stop them, Sam and Heather must put their own lives on the line.

Together in loss and driven by revenge, Sam and Heather hunt for justice, and in doing so, begin their own path to redemption.

Can they find the evidence they need without getting caught?
Are they strong enough to take on this fight without losing themselves in the process?

Find out in this action-packed thriller, filled with daring adventure, and high-risk operations!

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suspense novels suspense novels suspense novels suspense novels

"Convincing, and laced with black humour!"

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Three full length novels - over 1000 gritty pages! 

Crime thriller box set

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