Closing a Manuscript

Yesterday, I closed another manuscript, a completed first draft that will now sit for a few weeks before re-writing and editing begins. It took me longer than expected to complete this one, partly because I was basing my expectations on Flank Street, which took weeks, not months to write, and needed little in the way of re-writing. This third book of the Sydney Quartet was more challenging, especially the middle hundred pages.
It took a while to get the flow going in that part, and will no doubt be the area that needs most re-writing. But overall, I was pleased with the outcome.
You can find an excerpt here.
It doesn’t have a title yet. I have a few possibilities, but I need to let it ferment for a while. Same goes for the cover, and that’s all they are at this stage. The title and cover are another area were my trusty launch team and beta readers kick in. I think that sometimes as the author, it’s easy to get bogged down in details, or fixated on a particular scene or plot turning point, and then miss the bigger picture that the book paints for the reader. There’s still room for a few more of you on the launch team, hop over to this page to read more about it and sign up.

What’s Next?

After a few days R & R, I’ll resume work on a manuscript which is, in part, a prequel to Shadow House, from Sam Autenburg’s POV. The working title is, Moral Imperative – Moral Dilemma, is an examination of both, and a look at where one man’s decision can lead. You can find an exclusive peak at the opening here.

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