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Cerise Noire - Completion of The Sydney Quartet

Cerise Noire is due for release in May 2017 on all major retail sights, and is currently available for pre-order on Kobo, Nook, Google Play, and Apple. (Links below.​)

Winter is a great time for writing - sitting by a log fire, pots of tea, and a snow covered landscape to gaze at in between scenes.
It seems to have been a long winter this year, but the yearning for spring is offset by the satisfaction of having completed a 95k word novel.
Writing a serial killer thriller isn't something I'd ever considered, but it was how this writing journey played out. There's no violent scenes, no blood and gore, just struggling PI, Rick Stone, trying to make sense of why he's no more than one person removed from three victims of a serial killer, and why neither he, nor the police can find any leads or clues.

cerise noire

Set in 1992, Cerise Noire (Dark Cherry) looks at the complexity of interpersonal relationships, where unchecked need and want can lead, and how those emotions can be confused with love. These things are timeless, and effect almost all of us at some point in our lives. Thankfully we don't all become serial killers.

Like the other books in this quartet, Cerise Noire is set in and around Kings Cross, Sydney, and as usual contains a little bit of sailing. ​You'll also find some of the familiar faces such as Ray Peterson and Sonny Thaku. Ray doesn't play a big role in this book, but is as intimidating as ever when he's around.

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