Cerise Noire The latest novel by A.J. Sendall

Cerise Noire was published today.

It's been a while since you've heard from me, in fact it's been a long while since anyone has heard from me. The reason is that I've been head down writing another book which I sincerely hope you'll read and enjoy. Cerise Noire is a mystery/suspense novel that will keep you guessing until the last few pages.
Read the blurb here.

In the past couple of months I've re-branded The Sydney Quartet with new covers and some slight textural changes to make the four books a more cohesive series. I'm pleased with the results, and welcome any comments you might have.


Cerise Noire

Six months after his partner was murdered, Rick Stone returns to Sydney trying to pull his life back together. While he was away, two more women were murdered, each seemingly unrelated to the others. When a third woman is murdered in the same way and Rick gets caught up in the investigation, he becomes obsessed with finding a link between the murders.

Each night, Joy Stringer steps outside the quiet orderliness of her day job and hangs out in bars and clubs in Sydney’s Kings Cross to gather material for a book she’s always wanted to write. After one of her main sources of information dies, she fears for her own safety.

When Joy and Rick meet in a bar one night, they discover that by sharing information and working together, they can help each other achieve their goal. That decision leads them into more danger than they could ever have imagined, and to an outcome that nobody could foresee.

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Suspense Novels Suspense Novels Suspense Novels Suspense Novels

In Flank Street, Micky Dewitt and Carol Todd try to outsmart organised crime boss Johno Brookes, at the same time as trying to outsmart each other. Only time will tell who gets the best of who.

Meet Me at Harry's sees unassuming Nick Miller cajoled into a life of crime by ex Chicago narco detective Stacia Black. Their daring plan takes them half-way around the world, then back into the maw of kings Cross.

PI Rick Stone is connected to three murder victims. Is he the killer, or the target of a dark hatred? Only Cerise Noire has the answer.

For Sam and Heather, the Shadow House is the only sanctuary as they carry out a daring subterfuge in a world of vice, death and deceit.

This quartet of novels set in Sydney are all stand-alone, full length novels that can be read in any order. Each has its own main characters, yet share some common secondary characters and locations.
Those of you who have read Flank Street will remember Sonny Thaku, Ray Peterson, and Gary Mitchell, all of whom make an appearance in the other three books.

I hope you enjoy the read, and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.
Until next time, happy reading.

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