Raymond Chandler

Still Inspirational Seventy Years On Since the publication of Being Tommy Boronovski last May, my time and mental energy has been absorbed by multiple non-writing projects like finding a new home. Although I have two open manuscripts -- a sequel to Being Tommy Boronovski, and a speculative piece set in 2060 -- I found that after such a long break I was struggling to find inspiration and focus, moving from one to the other and making scant progress. One afternoon while sipping tea and staring…

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Opening the Door

Almost a year has passed since I've posted. To borrow an expression from Stephen King, I've had the door closed. King says to write with the door closed, and edit with it open. Only in part is he referring to a physical door, it's more about maintaining focus and excluding outside influence that might change the course of the plot, or in my case alter the result of much research and soul-searching. I last posted in September 2017 at the start of…

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Winter 2017

Winter 2017 Winter is always a great time of year for concentrated writing, perhaps more so this year with incessant rain and an almost complete absence of sun. Those of you in Europe have no doubt had the same experience, with record low levels of sun, high winds and floods. However, it's an ill wind that blows no good, and the good for me has been long sessions of concentration and writing while the log fire crackles beside me, the dogs soaking…


Season’s Greetings from A.J. Sendall

I wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a peaceful and prosperous new year. I also want to thank all of you for being with me throughout a turbulent 2017, and look forward to hearing from more of you in 2018. The world can often seem out of control and headed for a free-fall, but I have faith that good people will always prevail.This year saw the completion of The Sydney Quartet, which has already garnered some good reviews. It was…


Writing stop 30-09-2017

Today I drove west from Bridge of Cally, through some small villages including the world famous Dull, then found myself not lost, but not quite sure where I was -- but when it looks like this, who cares. I didn't get much written, but it was a spectacular place to stop and have a cuppa and catch my breath for a half-hour. Onward to Oban tomorrow, and a lunch of UK's best fish & chips.


Cerise Noire The latest novel by A.J. Sendall

Cerise Noire was published today. It's been a while since you've heard from me, in fact it's been a long while since anyone has heard from me. The reason is that I've been head down writing another book which I sincerely hope you'll read and enjoy. Cerise Noire is a mystery/suspense novel that will keep you guessing until the last few pages.Read the blurb here.In the past couple of months I've re-branded The Sydney Quartet with new covers and some slight textural changes…

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Indie Author and the Ford Cortina

What's an indie author got to do with a recalcitrant Ford Cortina? More than you might imagine! I suppose we all remember firsts. The first job, the first car, the first kiss... I wasn't an indie author in the summer 1974, but it was when I bought my first car. It was a ten-year-old Mk1 Ford Cortina, bottle green, the Deluxe version, and 1500cc. That first day of ownership, while driving home sticking to the hot vinyl seats, and fiddling with the radio, I…


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