A.J. Sendall is the author of the Sydney Quartet Mystery series. His latest novel, ‘Cerise Noire, is due for release in May 2017.
After spending much of his adult life travelling, A.J now live in a remote forest house in Germany, with two Mexican dogs, an Icelandic horse, and six French hens.

My writing ritual.

It depends on what stage I’m at, and what the scenes or chapter are like. If I need to get into character, I’ll sometimes watch part of a movie that’ll help take me there. Or sit in the dark and listen to the proceeding chapter, visualising the characters movements and moods.

I write in the boiler room, which is in the cellar ‑ what my family call the KGB room. It kinda looks like that. It’s sparse and hard, how I’d like to keep my writing. It has lots of pipes, valves and pressure gauges, and the faint smell of fuel oil. There's a single overhead light in a wire cage, and on the table, an ancient desklamp that spills a yellow glow behind the monitor. 

Some of my favourite books

Quiet – Susan Cain
Franky Furboy – William Wharton
Seven Pillars of Wisdom – T.E Lawrence
The Power of One – Bryce Courtenay
Sailing Alone Around the World – Joshua Slocum, and there are so many more.
Each of these books has stayed with me, and in some way changed my life. None of them directly influences what I write, but all of them have influenced who I am.